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“We believe that heritage is a human right that defines cultural identity, enhances self-esteem. Therefore, every person has the right to know it, live it, love it, and protect it.”

Biladi is an independent Lebanese non-governmental organization (NGO) specialized in heritage preservation. Created in 2005, Biladi has long-term established partnerships with national and international entities. Biladi strongly believes that heritage is a basic human right; thus, everybody should be able to know it, live it and love it. 

Biladi is active in two main areas: heritage protection and heritage education.


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Since 2005, Biladi has implemented more than 30 projects and reached out to:

iconprofessionals on safeguarding heritage
iconstudents on heritage education
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Our Mission

We believe that heritage is an essential component in defining the cultural identity and enhancing the feeling of respect on a national level.
Our job is totally independent and does not differentiate people. Spreading awareness about culture and heritage is, in fact, important and essential in the region, in order to create and develop the sense of belonging, attachment and pride related to a cultural identity and roots.