BILADI’s educational activities serve the purpose to inform about our common heritage.


Since the younger generation is the key target for a longer impact, BILADI has been organizing educational trips such as on-site tours and workshops aiming at familiarizing children and teenagers with their heritage from the day it was founded. In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education, thousands of students from private and public schools have taken part in BILADI’s school trips and broadened the knowledge of their country’s history through playful activities and outings. All these projects serve the same purpose: enabling children to discover their natural and historical heritage, their history, and their traditions. These activities have contributed to the children’s attachment to their common heritage and their awareness about the importance of preserving and protecting it.



Syria in My Mind
Time Frame: 2014-2015, 2019 / next: 2021

In response to Lebanon’s refugee crisis, BILADI has initiated a project that make Syrian refugee children discover the wealth of their heritage to build a positive image of their war-torn country.

Funded by UNICEF (2014-2015), the EU – MADAD Trust Fund (2019) and managed by AVSI in partnership with “Syrian Eyes”, the project was implemented in Jounieh, Saïda, Nabatiyeh, Khiam and Marjeyoun, and aimed at rekindling the youngest refugees’ sense of belonging to Syria, thus enhancing their return to their homeland. The facilitators were Syrian refugees themselves: they were trained to overcome their own traumas caused by war in order to apply non-conventional learning methods specially for this project. The learning process was realized through non-formal educational material and songs. After the success of the first implementation, the project continued and will restart in 2021. The project resulted in significant media coverage and most of the main newspapers and television stations in Lebanon have reported about it.


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Publication: ”Syria in my mind” – A journey to Syria’s heritage, 10 December 2015, Awwad

“Beit Sitti W Jiddi”

Time Frame: November 2016 – present

On the initiative of BILADI, an interactive ethnic museum was built with the appearance of an old traditional Lebanese house to make children discover the ancient way of living.

Funded by UNICEF and AVSI in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, the museums are located in Fanar and Abdeh and invite visitors to experience the components of the house, touch the furniture and equipment, smell Mouneh (traditional food products) and at the end, taste food samples which are prepared with the same ancestral methods that were used centuries ago. The house allows its visitors to discover the rural life and the importance of Mouneh, back then and today.



School Educational Trips
Time Frame: 2005 – present

From the early beginning, BILADI has organized school trips to allow students to visit important historical, archaeological, and natural sites.

Every year, hundreds of young people take part in those trips over Lebanon in order to discover their natural and built heritage and acquire a better knowledge of their past through playful activities.