Cultural heritage is today engulfed by threat, development and change – therefore, actors in the field need to understand the social, legislative and planning context in which cultural properties, buildings as well as cultural landscapes in the Middle East struggle to survive, for the sake of protecting it from crisis situations.

BILADI has recognized the important role of trainings for all involved parties who come into contact with Lebanese heritage such as the Lebanese Armed Forces, UNIFIL, the Directorate-General of Antiquities, municipalities, or civil society.

Foster the protection of cultural heritage in Lebanon and train relevant personnel has become a long-time mission of BILADI.

Following an extensive approach, projects with the focus on safeguarding heritage familiarize civilians as well as the military with key elements, challenges and opportunities of the field to enhance fundamental skills and knowledge about the work with cultural heritage. The overall purpose is to bring professionals together with one broad objective in mind: how to strengthen the tools which allow civil society and concerned officials to identify threats on heritage and to fight for its preservation.