«We believe that heritage is a major component in defining cultural identity and enhancing self-esteem.»


BILADI is a non-governmental organization whose main objective is the preservation of heritage through dialogue, education, training and promotion. We believe that heritage is a major component in defining cultural identity and enhancing self-esteem.

Our work is entirely independent.  In a region going through profound crises and changes, promotion of heritage becomes an essential tool for keeping populations grounded and attached to their cultural identity. This conforms to the regional experiences of Biladi’s founder, Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly, archaeologist and journalist, who worked for many years on heritage in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

Our work is divided into 3 main fields:

1- Heritage Education: Enabling children to discover their natural and built heritage, their history and their traditions.

2- Heritage Protection: Strengthening the knowledge and the tools of professionals through training.

3- Heritage Promotion: Promoting heritage to a broad public and bringing it closer to its past.