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Heritage as a tool for building self-esteem

This program targets various communities. The training they are offered gives them the necessary tools to discover their own heritage, to understand it and to preserve it. Training sessions included:


  • “Discovering and Sharing al Namle Heritage”

From August to September 2010, Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly organized a training session entitled “Discovering and Sharing al Namle Heritage” to sensitize and teach ten youngsters from Al Namle about their heritage.
The training aimed at helping youngsters identify tangible and intangible heritage of Al Namle. Participants were invited to recognize, appreciate and write about the monuments of their region. Youngsters were able to explore their inherited traditions through different workshops (culinary, chants, storytelling, dance and dialect).

  • “Discover the hidden heritage”

From July to August 2009, in partnership with the Safadi Foundation (www.safadi-foundation.org), Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly held a training session “discovering the hidden heritage” in an effort to sensitize 15 youngsters from Dahr al-Moghr, Tripoli on their heritage.
The program aimed at introducing the group to the historical and architectural heritage of their neighborhood and of using heritage to build their self-esteem. The goal was to show children the positive side of their life.


  • “Building Bridges”

In 2005-6, Biladi cooperated with SDC (Sustainable Democracy Center) (www.sdclebanon.org) in a training session on leadership skills, conflict resolution, mediation and group dynamics.
Biladi gave art workshops for the participants. They were invited to craft their own work of art in clay and mosaic.


Educational Trainings

  • “Outdoor class”

In November 2010, Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly held a training session for fifteen history, geography and art teachers from 10 different schools at the archaeological site of Jbeil. The training was an “outdoor class on medieval architecture”.

  • “Heritage as an educational tool”

In January 2008, Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly held a training session for 20 history, geography and civil society teachers from ten different schools. The aim of the sessions was to help teachers introduce “Lebanon’s heritage” in their different curriculums. The session was organized by the Lycée Franco-Libanais de Beyrouth and took place at Stade de Chayla – Beirut
These training sessions aimed at deepening the teachers’ historical knowledge, introducing them to activities to compliment history classes and raise awareness on common heritage among their students.


We work on projects related to Heritage Management and Awareness Building, as well as eco-tourism and cultural tourism projects.

In their effort to promote heritage and protect it, we provided the Lebanon Mountain Trail (http://www.lebanontrail.org) all necessary documents and information on archaeological sites and historical monuments (texts for the brochures and books).

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