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Biladi’s Founders


Biladi brings together a number of qualified and experienced educators, archaeologists, architects, sociologists, film makers and researchers. We pride ourselves as being pioneers in Lebanon in combining scientific learning and fun.

Joanne Farchakh Bajjaly, Biladi’s manager, holds an M.A in Archaeology and Journalism. She started her career as a school teacher at Collège Saint Joseph Antoura and then left to dedicate her work to heritage at risk in Lebanon and Iraq by writing for several newspapers and magazines such as L’Orient-Le Jour and Archéologia (France) and Al-Akhbar. In 2005, she held a series of lectures in U.S. universities such as Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, Chicago, Stanford and Pennsylvania, etc. She initiated the concept “Learning history is fun” and with the team elaborates this concept with every trip. She strongly believes in building bridges through the common heritage in the Lebanese society.

Philip Bajjaly, filmmaker, works on documentaries in Lebanon and the Arab world, mainly on issues concerning human development.

Georgette Frangieh holds an M.A in Translation and is a tutor at Saint Joseph University – Beirut. She works on learning language skills through games and participates in the conception of the school trips in order to combine more games for the trips of Biladi.

Suzanne Baaklini, a journalist in the local news department at l’Orient le Jour since 1997. She covers mostly social and environmental issues and has written many articles on natural heritage in Lebanon. Suzanne is part, since 2010, of a training program for scientific journalists, SJCOOP, organized by the World Federation of Scientific Journalists (WFSJ). She holds an M.A. in French literature from Saint Joseph University.

Mohammad Arabi, an Assistant Professor at the “Ecole Libanaise de Formation Sociale” at Saint Joseph University. He heads a group of experts in a project supporting local development in Northern Lebanon. He is a trainer in conflict management, project management, strategic planning, monitoring, evaluation and communication.

Selim Moawad, holds an M.A. in Conflict Management and Analysis. Selim Moawad works on integrating marginalized Arab Youth into public life by educating them about transparency, accountability and democracy in government. To achieve his goal, he adopted an informal, interactive educational program seeking to empower Lebanon’s next generation.

Our Team:

Charles El Hayek, Biladi’s Senior Guide, holds an M.A in History and Archaeology and works as a history teacher and researcher. Charles is fond of history and cultural heritage issues. He strongly believes that a better understanding of the past is the key to build and plan a better future.

Yara kurumilian, Biladi’s Assistant Manager, holds an MSc in genetics. Yara shares with Biladi her passion for nature, history and archaeology. This passion pushes her to discover more the world of paleogenetics and know more about the populations of the past.

Our Guides

Tanios Abou Khalil, majoring in architecture at ALBA, interested in the evolution of the latter throughout social, economic, ecological and cultural changes. Tanios plans to major in urban planning with an ecological aspect, as well as the preservation of urban development while respecting heritage.

Georgio Njeim, majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Notre Dame University – Louaize. Georgio is fond of Lebanese history and is always looking to explore new places. Georgio always seeks to be an active member in his society.

Rabih Reaidy, a student majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik. Rabih is fond of Lebanon’s musical heritage and strongly believes that team work is the key to build a better society.


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