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BILADI is an N.G.O dedicated to promoting cultural and natural heritage to youngsters. We believe that our heritage is unique and irreplaceable. BUT, in post-conflict countries, globalization and psychological barriers have separated youngsters from their heritage.

We believe that our mission is to re-establish this link, to give youngsters the chance to learn about their heritage, cherish it and build bridges through it .We are committed to an international vision of cultural heritage preservation and education.

While visiting sites all over Lebanon, students will get the chance to increase their knowledge, live the history of their country and most importantly, learn about it in an entertaining technique. To achieve our goals, we have created our own concept: “Enjoy heritage.” Biladi offers youngsters education while fulfilling their desire for fun, relaxation and aesthetic appreciation.




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Biladi is hosted by the Lebanese German University – LGU in Jounieh. Our office is located on the Third Floor, next to the Chemistry Lab.


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