Beit Sitti W Jeddi

“Beit Sitti w Jeddi”: A Journey Back in Time for a Leap to the Future


“Beit Sitti w Jeddi” is a replica of a typical Lebanese farmer’s house, and is part of a wide scale program launched by Biladi aiming at preserving heritage in Lebanon. This reproduction of a rural home not only aims at introducing young people to their heritage, it also sets out to teach about self-sufficiency, original food recipes and a healthier way of living. This educational program, as a whole, features a concept rarely implemented:  by using didactic material it allows students to acquire the skills of their ancestors, with modern facilities.

This educational journey starts with a visit to the “Beit Sitti and Jiddi” house, (The House of my Forefathers) that gives visitors good insight into the world of our ancestor’s life of self-sufficiency, and constructing environmentally friendly buildings. Then students are invited to take part in the interactive courses, all based on 22 educational short videos which deal with how to make “ Mouneh”, our typical food provisions, with guidelines and instructions from seasoned and passionate presenters, from all over Lebanon. As a first of its kind, this series was produced by Biladi. The last step is when student actually prepare these dishes themselves, in hygienic modern kitchens, following techniques they learnt in the videos.

The “Mouneh” part in the A.VOC.ADO program presents a practical and comprehensive curriculum which, in the long run allows students to develop a capacity for becoming self-sufficient and even to become entrepreneurs in food and beverage production.

The “A.VOC.ADO” project is funded by UNICEF, managed by AVSI and implemented by Biladi in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, in the agricultural vocational schools in Lebanon.

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