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Students of Lebanon #UNITE4HERITAGE

A Unesco initiative to increase the children’s awareness concerning protection of heritage in times of war

At a time when so many relics and archaeological sites are in danger, and as many historical sites have already been devastated by violence, it is crucial to increase the young generation’s awareness on the urgency to protect the region’s heritage, against this attempt to erase their collective memory. In this context, Unesco office in Beirut is organizing, under the patronage of the minister of Culture Rony Araiji, and in collaboration with Biladi, an NGO specialized in heritage preservation, eight workshops targeting students aged between 11 and 15 years, in order to increase their awareness about the protection of heritage in times of war, and to initiate them to Unesco conventions. These activities fall into the frame of the international campaign #UNITE4HERITAGE, launched by the Directorate general of Unesco, in Lebanon at the National Museum, in May 2015.

Some 1600 students from various schools in Lebanon will be invited to participate in a two hours guided tour, either in one of the archaeological sites of the cities mentioned above, or in the National Museum. During these visits, they will have the opportunity to acquire information on international conventions for the protection of heritage, following interactive educational methods.

For this project, Biladi designed special interactive educational workshops for the young participants, who will be accompanied by tourist guides, who had received the necessary training allowing them to organize successful tours and activities. Each guide will be responsible for a group of twenty children, and will have at his/her disposal the program’s educational tools, namely maps, pictures and publications, aimed at helping children to assimilate the acquired data.

Later, the young participants will be introduced to the art of mosaics, and will have the chance to create their own artifacts, which they will keep as a souvenir. A brochure on the project and on the conventions will be distributed to them, as well as a bracelet with the #UNITE4HERITAGE logos. A breakfast will be served for the children.

The workshops will be organized in the National Museum on Tuesday 20 and Thursday 22 October, in Jbeil and Tyre on Thursday 29 and Saturday 31 October, and in Baalbeck on Thursday 5 and Saturday 7 November.

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