Children’s Day at the Museum

UNESCO children’s day at the museum


14.12.2011 – UNESCO Office in Beirut


The UNESCO office in Beirut in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Culture and Biladi association organized a children’s day at the museum. This activity aimed at raising awareness for heritage issues amongst the children and youngsters, through inviting

 During this “Children day at the museum”, a visit to the museum was organized  for 200 students, chosen from different schools ,aged between 8 and 12 years. The main concept of the visit was: “Learning while playing”,  learning becomes a pleasure when explanation is done through games.

The themes of the visit were:

  • The museums alphabets
  • The art of making mosaics
  • The art of sculpture
  • Jewelry through history

The students  participated in a special workshop to learn age old technique related to the different historical periods (clay, mosaic, copper) and develop their creativity while producing object similar to those displayed in the galleries of Beirut’s National Museum.   At the end, a documentary film  was shown to them entitled “Baalitto”, directed by Bahij Hojeij in the series: Discovering the museum: a figurine from Byblos, animated in 3D, takes a tour of the museum by night and meets the different artifacts who come back to life.

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