Syria In My Mind

Time Frame: 2014-2015.

Location: Jounieh, Saïda, Nabatiyeh, Khiam and Marjeyoun.

Target Group: More than 3000 Syrian children from 4 to 14 years old.



Make the refugee Syrian children discover the wealth of their national historical and archaeological heritage in order to build a positive image of their war-torn country. This project aimed at rekindling of their sense of belonging to Syria, thus facilitating their return to their country. The facilitators were themselves Syrian refugees: they were trained to overcome their own trauma caused by war, in order to apply the non-conventional learning methods needed for the implementation of the materials especially conceived for this project. The learning process is realized through non-formal educational materials and songs.



The success of the first stage of the project led to a second phase. The project also had an important impact in the media, and was covered by most of the main newspapers and television stations in Lebanon.


Funders & Partners: funded by UNICEF, managed by AVSI in partnership with “Syrian Eyes”

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