Modernize Mouneh!

“Modernize Mouneh!”, a project that safeguard “Mouneh” to the next generations while modernizing it in order to create a self-sufficiency and to be a possible income generating activity

Time Frame: March 2016 – Present


Seven agricultural vocational schools in Lebanon: in Nabatiyeh, Khiam, Fanar, Batroun, Nasriyet Rizk, Abdeh, and Baakline and various external centers in these regions. 

Target Group:

More than 2 500 underprivileged youth, aged between 15 and 25 years old.


To revive, among youth, an agricultural heritage mostly lost because of globalization. The project aims at giving vulnerable young people, through the method “Learning by Doing”, the know-how to produce quality traditional products, at fairly low cost. Such learning will restore the Transgenerational relationship with the ancestors, and give these young people pride in what they are. It will also revive the idea of self-sustainability in food production and will open the door for small entrepreneurship. The project will, on the other hand, allow the teachers of these schools to learn how to use multimedia tools as interactive educational material.


  • To train the youth on “Mouneh” production respecting hygiene standards and give them the needed skills to become self-sufficient.
  • To create work opportunities by encouraging young people to enter the entrepreneurship world, by way of selling their own local products, inspired by traditional recipes.

Project Concept:

The project is a full path divided on 3 main phases:

1- Phase 1: 100 hours of technical training on Mouneh production using various interactive educational tools such us short documentaries, giant books, power point presentation and practical culinary workshops.

2- Phase 2: “KOUDOURAT w MAHARAT” course, 100 hours of training on how to integrate a workplace and generate income.

3- Phase 3: Personal coaching and orientation to ensure a good implementation of the skills acquired. 

Glimpse on the educational material:

Among the various educational tools elaborated for the project, we documented the “Mouneh” production in various regions of Lebanon. Enjoy your trip in Lebanon while checking  the various videos trailers available: 


For a closer field insight, check the project on media platforms!


Funders & Partners:

A UNICEF funded project, in partnership with AVSI and the Ministry of Agriculture.


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